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Iced coffee – perfect for summer



Do you love coffee and drink it all year round, every day? No wonder! This delicious beverage is a stimulant that gives you energy and makes you feel better. It is a pleasant ritual, a way to spend your break at work and a great way to pass time with your friends. In summer, when the sweltering heat takes over, iced coffee with ice cubes is often the most preferred way to serve and consume this beverage. Choose your favourite variant from among the recipes prepared by the Polish Barista Champion Marcin Rusnarczyk.

Regardless of your choice, the resulting beverage has three main purposes – to be refreshing, to stimulate your senses and, most importantly, to satisfy your taste. However, you need to remember the motto of Marcin Rusnarczyk, Polish Barista Champion – the foundation of every coffee is a well brewed espresso.

The first recipe offered by the barista is an unconventional but simple idea, which will certainly catch many coffee aficionados by surprise. The right choice of ingredients allows you to freeze them on sticks to create an original and refreshing tonicpresso in the form of a sorbet! With the Nivona CafeRomatica 789 coffee machine, you can prepare a tonicpresso and make it as strong as you like it. Once you’ve found the perfect version of your coffee with ideal blend, the coffee machine will easily remember it thanks to the My Coffee feature. What is more, preparing the coffee won’t disturb your relaxation, since the machine is equipped with a very quiet grinder. Discover the recipe for instant refreshment on a hot day!
• 150 ml tonic
• 1 espresso 40 ml
• Fresh fruit – raspberries, blueberries
• A couple of mint leaves
• 2-3 ice cubes

How to make it:
Combine tonic and espresso. Put the fruit and mint in the ice cream trays, pour the tonic with coffee and put the sticks in the ice cream trays. Place in the freezer for a few hours.

The second iced coffee recipe will be particularly loved by coffee drinkers who take care of proper nutrition, since chia seeds contain valuable minerals: iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, as well as calcium and vitamins E, B1 and B3. The recipe also features low-calorie almond milk, honey – a perfect replacement for white sugar – and fruit mousse. All you need to is to brew the coffee, with the strength and aroma selected thanks to the Aroma Balance system. Nivona CafeRomatica 960 offers you a way to create 9 custom coffee recipes, which combined with 9 recipes available out of the box allows you to choose from as many as 18 variants. This coffee machine has an extremely quiet coffee grinder and an integrated Bluetooth interface for NivonaApp. All this technology can be found in an ultra-modern enclosure, featuring a large and easy-to-use 5-inch touchscreen. With this help, you can simply enjoy the fruit and coffee refreshment!

• 2 tablespoons chia seeds
• 70 ml almond milk
• 40 ml espresso
• 1 tablespoon honey
• 50 g mixed raspberries
• 50 g mixed fresh mango

How to make it:
Pour chia seeds into a wide glass or jar, pour milk, honey and cooled espresso. Leave the mixture for a few hours. Then pour a layer of mixed mango and raspberry on top. Put 2 – 3 fresh raspberries and 2 mint leaves on top.

Nivona CafeRomatica 789
In the top-of-the-line models of the 7 series, the brand opted for a modern 3D look. The machine is characterised by extremely quiet operation, which is ensured by the use of a modern conical hardened steel grinder and suitable acoustic insulation. The machine allows you to select the coffee strength and temperature. It is also equipped with a unique Aroma Balance System that allows you to extract aroma from any coffee bean. This feature mimics the skills of a barista – it changes the pressure, throughput and circulation time of hot water in freshly ground coffee

Nivona CafeRomatica 960
The fully automatic Nivona 960 coffee machine is a versatile device characterised by a modern, elegant design. Despite the fact that its interior hides many innovative solutions, the machine is extremely easy to use. The large 5-inch touchscreen display provides easy access to great recipes, from the aromatic espresso to delicate milky coffees. The 9 series offers you a way to create 9 custom coffee recipes, which combined with 9 recipes available out of the box allows you to choose from as many as 18 treats. Thanks to the new grinder design, the machines in the 9 series run as quietly as almost no other automatic coffee machine on the market.

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