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Invite spring to your kitchen. Let it stay there for a long time!



It is here! The long-awaited spring, with a wide choice of fresh vegetables. Tasty asparagus, crunchy carrots, green onions, and juicy lettuce. In the spring, nobody has to be encouraged to make a trip to the local store. What should be done to enjoy the taste of vegetables throughout the year? Can technology be used for this purpose?

With the first rays of spring sunlight, most of us feel like we need to change the diet. After the winter, we feel tired and we lack the necessary vitamins. This is why we are so happy to go to local markets and buy fresh vegetables. We know that the healthiest and most aromatic ones are those from organic farms. In order to enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables, also out of season, they must be properly frozen and stored – of course in a proper fridge.

A proper fridge will certainly help in appropriate storage and freezing of products. The Liebherr French Door CBNes 6256 fridge is a perfect choice. The useful capacity of this fridge is over 470 liters and its convenient use is guaranteed not only by the French door, but also by the fully extending BioFresh drawers. Even when the drawers are filled with heavy products, a telescopic rail system helps with their smooth opening.The fridge also has a NoFrost function which freezes products with circulated freezing air and moisture is evacuated to the outside. The necessary products are always within reach. Importantly, the refrigerated products are safe in the event of a power shortage. The fridge keeps the proper temperature for up to 45 hours. You can freeze products without limitation as the capacity of the French Door CBNes 6256 is 114 liters! Healthy, seasonal, local, and quick.

One more thing – design. What is important for many of us, besides functionality of kitchen appliances, is that they look good in our house. The French Door CBNes 6256 fridge won one of the most prestigious industrial design awards, the Red Dot Award. This kitchen appliance will certainly attract many curious looks.

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