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It’s time for a summer party!

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Long, warm evenings are a perfect time for a summer garden party. Even if planning and cooking are not your forte, you can still have a great party. A modern fridge will help you take care of cool beverages and snacks – and as you can find below, our solutions can be a great help during the preparations for an event.

The Party Mode was created with summer parties and meetings in mind. In this mode, the refrigerator and freezer work at full power throughout the evening. The lovers of frosty refreshments will also be happy – the Bottle Timer function, available in a number of models, including Liebherr CBNPes 5758 enables the users to freeze a beverage in under an hour without running the risk of bottles exploding. After chilling, the fridge will let you know that your drinks are chilled and ready to cool your guests down. Chilled wine aficionados will also find a product for themselves in the form of Liebherr UTWgb1682, which ensures proper conditions for long-term storage, as well as offers a way to quickly cool bottles down.
Every beverage deserves a sufficiently low temperature to soothe thirst and ensure refreshment. Instead of buying bottled water, you can simply get a few large glass bottles to fill and cool them in the fridge.

The automatic IceMaker featured in Liebherr CBNes 6256 can make up to 1.3 kilograms of ice cubes per day. What is more, the rate of ice cube production can be increased by almost 50% by pressing the SuperFrost button. This way you won’t have to wait long for cold drinks!

Snacks and a dessert are a must at a summer party. Party dishes must be quick to make, they need to make a lasting impression and – most importantly – they have to be fresh. Thus, preparing a list of required ingredients is a very important step in the process. You don’t have to postpone buying seasonal fruit and vegetables to the very last minute, because the BioFresh system keeps them in perfect condition for up to three times as long as a conventional refrigerator.
Ice cream – the main treat of a summer party, loved by almost everyone. We are currently seeing a surge in popularity of natural and home-made ones, since they are so easy to make – just milk and fruit are enough to come up with amazingly tasty and refreshing desserts. With SuperFrost, which reduces freezer temperature to -32 degrees, you don’t have to prepare them many hours in advance. You can leave a few servings for the morning after – they will surely refresh even the sleepiest participant.

When all the summer party guests go back to their homes, it’s finally time to relax. And you can be sure that you won’t be disturbed by your refrigerator, especially when you’re chilling out with a glass of chilled lemonade in your hand. Liebherr ICP3334 is the perfect appliance for those looking for silence, since it is the quietest fridge in the manufacturer’s offer, emitting only 31 dB of noise!

If, by chance, you lose power at home during a summer party, Liebherr will safely store frozen food for up to 45 hours (CBNes6256).

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