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New Liebherr products now available in Poland



The Liebherr brand is expanding its portfolio with products that showcase new trends in refrigeration. The list of premiere devices includes the SBSes 8486 fridge-freezer from the Side by Side line with an impressive capacity, the quietest CBNef 4815-21 from Silent line and the designer CNst 4813 model from the Sticker Art line. The new product impress with their quality of workmanship and energy-saving solutions. These well-thought-out devices, perfected from the design to the construction stage, are tailor-made to meet the needs of demanding customers.

Large-format freshness
The SBSes 8486 refrigerator-freezer from the Side by Side line is a model example of the art of refrigeration. It has six climate zones, ideal for each type of food, so that all products are stored in the perfect conditions. BioFresh drawers provide flexibility and climate control to ensure proper storage of all foodstuffs. Thanks to an independent electronic control system, you can precisely set temperature to one degree. Fish and seafood stay fresh for longer at -2°C, while temperature-sensitive tropical fruit stay fresh for an exceptionally long time in a drawer at +6°C with high humidity.
An integrated wine chiller with two-zone, precise temperature control protects their excellent flavour and aroma.
Despite its impressive capacity of 645 litres, the SBSes 8486 impresses with its low energy consumption in the A++ energy efficiency class.
SBSes 8486 refrigerator-freezer – 19,499 PLN w/tax.

Comfortable silence
Liebherr’s engineers have been working for years to make sure that their devices are inaudible. As a result of their efforts, the Silent line of refrigerators and freezers has been developed, in which the generation of sounds has been reduced to a minimum. The new CBef 4815-21 fridge-freezer has a noise level of just 34 dB, making it one of the quietest devices of its kind on the market. The noise reduction in this unit was made possible by the use of a variable speed compressor, a variable speed fan and a new generation refrigerant. What is more, the product belongs to the energy-saving BluPerformance line and its cooling technology has been compactly integrated into the base of the device, thus minimising the noise level. From now on, every kitchen can take on a new dimension of sound – with emphasis on silence.

Limited StickerArt edition
The CNst 4813 fridge-freezer from the Sticker Art line is a must for all fans of design. Exclusive illustrations featured on the limited edition will allow to enliven the interior of your home. The design is based on a unique, colourful graphic in line with the latest trends. In addition to the impressive and functional design, the device impresses with its energy-saving solutions. NoFrost technology keeps your products fresh for a long time thanks to excellent cooling performance. With DuoCooling, the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer can be set completely independently of each other. There is no air exchange between the two chambers, which prevents odours from spreading and the products from drying out.
CNst 4813 refrigerator-freezer – 2 799 PLN w/tax.

Cooking is a true art that delivers emotions and engages all the senses. Only by fine-tuning the smallest details to perfection can the highest quality be achieved. Following this motto, Liebherr has developed cooling technologies so you can enjoy your food for a long time.

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